• Cooking
  • Cha Soba lunch

    A simple work-from-home lunch that’s light, healthy and does not compromise on taste. Estimated time required 15-20mins. – Pan Seared salmon Pan fried skin-side down until the skin is crispy. Try to avoid turning or moving the fish too much when the skin is crisping. I find that when using a non-stick pan, a good […]

  • Design
  • Kitchen shopping

    As our home reaches the final stages of construction, I’ve been quite obsessive about purchasing highly functional, smartly designed products which were durable and yet aesthetically pleasing. My search led me to amazon where I loaded up on OXO, Umbra and simplehuman items. I’m trying to balance between having too much that it’s clutter while ensuring […]

  • Personal
  • Wedding thoughts

    I’ve been so swamped at work and the 12hour work days for the past three weeks meant that I haven’t had time to really process the fact that I’m getting married in 3 weeks time.  It’s a strange feeling to contemplate. Lance and I have been together for a long time and yet I approach […]

  • Design
  • Kitchen Inspiration

    We knew very early on that the kitchen would be the heart of our home. As such, we had to carefully balance between selecting the right aesthetic while incorporating functionality and being cost-conscious. So here’s the stuff we knew we didn’t want: 1. No white countertops: From the get go, as beautiful as it was, […]