• Cooking
  • Pasta Making

    Inspired by the soft lush and delicate angel hair pasta I had while working in Manila, I broke out the pasta machine on Saturday morning. I was tempted to add more yolks into my dough for that lovely eggy taste and color but only two eggs were left in the fridge. I learnt a neat […]

  • Travel
  • Working, Manila

    Back in Manila for work. It hasn’t been my favourite city probably because it was heavily associated with late night chugging through piles of work and emails for back to back weeks/months with sub-par greasy 10pm room service dinners. This round, I managed to fit in a little lunch while running errands. It was absolutely wonderful […]

  • Personal
  • Lance’s Birthday

    It’s Lance’s birthday weekend!  What an amazing past year he had – he competed in the decathlon event for the South East Asian games, bravely proposed in the stadium after his last event, went sort of viral on sgag, his first duathlon and a mini triathlon, dressed up for star wars, handmade pasta, started new […]

  • Design
  • On Paintings & Walls

    For my mum’s birthday, I took my parents to the National Gallery. It was their first time visiting since it opened last year. They loved how the old supreme court was transformed into the National Gallery, commented on the matte lovely wooden floors and rattan effect ceiling. The contemporary art section was challenging for all […]