Aesop Resolute Hydrating Balm

I was in Aesop picking out body oils for my friends who were newly minted mothers when I tested the Resolute Hydrating Balm. It was divine – the balm was quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving almost no trace of stickiness or oiliness. It left my hands feeling soft and hydrated.

The catch – it was pretty expensive for 500ml of body lotion. Too indulgent. So I jokingly commented to Lance, “If you don’t know what to get me as a gift in the future, you can get me this or anything from Aesop is always welcome.”

The next thing I know is that I’m walking out of the store with geranium and orange body oils for the my mummy friends and a beautifully wrapped Resolute body balm, sweetly purchased by Lance. The excuse he used to purchase this was “Since I didn’t get you anything for Valentine’s Day.” Kudos to him, I’m engaged to a very smart and thoughtful man.

It came in such beautiful packaging that it felt only right to open it on a Saturday morning. It did not deserve to be hastily opened close to midnight after a long day of work. The unboxing experience was created to be savoured.

Well, the Balm is as lovely at home as it was in the store. I sparingly applied it on my legs and arms – it was quickly absorbed, no residue and there was a faint but clean scent of patchouli. My skin felt amazing and it was such a lovely indulgence to have time to apply body lotion & such a luxurious one at that! It left my skin with a somewhat satin-matte texture (pardon my weird application of construction terminology on moisturizer) – my skin was hydrated but not oily and it felt like the moisturizer didn’t just sit on top of my skin but had been absorbed nicely. Even with the heavy moisturizer on, my skin felt like it could still breathe.

I woke up this morning with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I thought some of the balm would rub off onto my sheets but my skin felt great. I’m infatuated with Aesop products & will remind Lance that I am always pleased to receive Aesop (for any occasion or just because)…

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