Cha Soba lunch

A simple work-from-home lunch that’s light, healthy and does not compromise on taste. Estimated time required 15-20mins.

Pan Seared salmon

  • Pan fried skin-side down until the skin is crispy. Try to avoid turning or moving the fish too much when the skin is crisping. I find that when using a non-stick pan, a good signal that the skin is done is when you can gently push the salmon around in the pan without the skin sticking. If you find yourself trying to peel the soft skin off the pan, keep it there a tad longer to crisp.

Enoki mushrooms + store-bought eel sauce

  • Pan fried until crispy. Since I was using a non-stick pan, no oil was required so this gave the mushrooms a dry crunch.

Cha Soba

  • Boiled as per instructions on the packet

– Wakame seaweed

  • Soaked in water to rehydrate and mixed with store-bought soba sauce for dipping the Soba noodles. Do remember to taste these the Soba sauce as some come quite strong and salty – adjust the saltiness just by adding drinking water bit by bit until you get the taste you want.

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