Home: Kitchen fittings

Today we put down the deposit for a set of kitchen fittings – the hood, gas hob and built in oven. It feels pretty unreal that we are going to be homeowners in a week and such purchases just make it even more tangible.

I love chatting with aunties – they have the best advice. The moment I started speaking to her about cooking with a wok and the wok-hei taste, I was quickly ushered to the Bosch section where she gave me the low down on the strength of the gas burners to re-create the wok-hei effect, the solid brass covering of the burners and flame control functions. “Only Bosch has this flame strength!” Then she proceeded to explain how to clean the hood (3M sharp shooter and a good soak in scalding water), about the distance between the countertop and chimney needed and the 3D hotair in the built in oven (which meant I wouldn’t need to turn the tray mid-way to brown the cookies evenly). & with an awesome promotion price and an upgrade to a generous 92cm 3-burner stove, we decided to go for it.

Then came the granite blanco silgranit sink. The Metra9 was the perfect size we were looking for in terms of depth and breadth. Frankly, I was surprised at how expensive stainless steel sinks were considering the material is not complex. Furthermore, the shape, size and depth of many stainless steel sinks we saw just didn’t feel right to us. This was a pretty easy choice for us and the great reviews cemented our decision.

It’s funny how God provides – we were originally there to look for toilet bowls and we ended up with a good deal and a knowledgable saleslady who imparted valuable auntie tips. So there we go – the first tangible purchase for our home. Our dream functional kitchen is beginning to take its shape.

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