Kitchen Inspiration

We knew very early on that the kitchen would be the heart of our home. As such, we had to carefully balance between selecting the right aesthetic while incorporating functionality and being cost-conscious. So here’s the stuff we knew we didn’t want:

1. No white countertops: From the get go, as beautiful as it was, we knew we didn’t want white countertops as stains would be easily seen. Also, I did not want to take the risk of a white countertop turning yellow over time

2. No overhanging cupboards! Lance was adamant about not having overhanging cupboards because he hated the tiny space work between the countertop and the hanging cupboards – especially that bit around the sink which just amplifies the claustrophobia. He probably feels the compression more than me since he’s a tall person but I love having the open airy space to work.

3. One row of open shelving. We wanted a single wood ledge to demarcate where the backsplash and hood would end and it had to be wood to visually tie it in with our timber flooring. This would allow us to display our favourite tableware pieces while building some stylish storage since we were not having overhanging cupboards.

 (Country Road kitchen)

4. No subway tiles. This look is overdone – and subway tiles with black/grey grout really remind me of a school toilet. Also, where there is too much grout is where oil, dirt and other germs hideout.

(Beautiful Plywood backsplash)

That’s what I could think of for now. Perhaps after this is all done, I should consider doing up a post listing the things I’d have loved to do, but didn’t/couldn’t do. Let’s see!

(Feature Image from Mim Design)

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