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As our home reaches the final stages of construction, I’ve been quite obsessive about purchasing highly functional, smartly designed products which were durable and yet aesthetically pleasing. My search led me to amazon where I loaded up on OXO, Umbra and simplehuman items. I’m trying to balance between having too much that it’s clutter while ensuring I have sufficient to do what I want while minimizing clutter. There we go again, my nature to optimize everything…

Anyhow, here’s a bunch of things I got off amazon that I can’t wait to receive (& thank you Amazon for your amazing free international shipping policy!)


OXO Good Grips Grout Brush , while I’ve tried to avoid all kinds of weird corners and joints during construction, this little brush should come in handy to keep the grout clean and white.



OXO Good Grips Fish Turner , need I say more? A soft pan fried slice of cod coming right up!



OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer , Having food bits left overnight in the sink is a pet peeve of mine yet at the same time, the sink strainers can be really gross to clear. This can be inverted both ways and thrown in the dishwasher to sterilise.



OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener , I’m subscribing to my mum’s theory of investing in a good can opener. She’s had hers for more than 10 years and it just cuts the lid off the cans cleanly and smoothly.



OXO Good Grips Sugar Dispenser , it looks like it seals off sugar tightly and no ants can get to it while the spout allows for easy sprinkling when cooking.



OXO Steel Soap Dispensing Dish Brush , since we have a dishwasher, I don’t expect heavy washing in the sink so a soap dispensing dishbrush can eliminate too much clutter around the sink area.



OXO Good Grips Toothbrush Organizer , the thought of having the toilet bowl water fly into my toothbrush during a flush made me get this. Truthfully, my current toothbrush is not safe from the wild toilet splatters at home but I’d like to change that in my new place.



Umbra Lettro Mail/Key Organizer , we don’t have an entryway table or dish to put our stuff (no clutter!) so this little organiser can be mounted on our wall to keep things organised and neat.



Umbra Float Under Cabinet Utensil Holder , this would be useful mounted under our open kitchen ledge to provide easy access to the utensils we use daily for cooking (think spatulas)



simplehuman Sink Caddy, I wanted a minimalist sink caddy and the vents below allow for good ventilation.



simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder , I’m a paper towel beast and so is Lance. So our high usage warrants a sturdy paper towel holder which allows us to tear off the paper with one hand.



Kuhn Rikon Vision Clear Slotted Knife Stand , this is a complete work of art. I’ve pondered about knife-storage for the longest time – butcher blocks are huge and I hate the idea of the knives going into the cutout holes without any ventilation. Yet I dislike the overtly easy access of the magnetic strip (and the accidents that could happen if the strips don’t hold up…) This is beautiful and functional. I’m insanely excited to receive this!



(Image credit to Amazon & kitchenstuffplus)


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