Lance’s Birthday

It’s Lance’s birthday weekend! 

What an amazing past year he had – he competed in the decathlon event for the South East Asian games, bravely proposed in the stadium after his last event, went sort of viral on sgag, his first duathlon and a mini triathlon, dressed up for star wars, handmade pasta, started new projects at work.

We’re going out for lunch with his folks in a bit and I have a secret dinner scheduled (I’ve been keen to try this spot out so it’s double the excitement for me).

//Edit, here’s where we went!


We visited NOX Dine in the Dark. We were taken to a dining room that was completely pitch black and had our 3 course dinner in the dark. Lance dropped his fork and had to feel for it, I had to feel and grab his face so I could find his mouth to share my dessert.

It was a really neat experience and we had a whole dinner to speak to our waiter who visually impaired – he chatted with us about his job search, “So hard, it sucks!” I had to laugh because he sounded just like one of us (& sometimes we forget that people are still people while trying to empathize).


I left wishing I knew more, a little ashamed about ignorant and how infrequently disability crosses my mind. I was glad that our eyes were literally opened to a new world out there. After we left the restaurant, we chatted about how the world was built for people who could see and what it must be like to live in a world not built for you.

It also left me wondering if living in complete darkness opens up an infinite world or if it shrinks into a smaller world.

Pretty heavy stuff for a birthday dinner but it was certainly one for the books.

Happy birthday Lance, you are very much loved!

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