Minimalist Wedding Dresses

For most brides, the biggest thing they plan for is The Dress. I tried to get excited about it for the longest time but I just didn’t quite feel it. I contemplated a simple rental package because I hated the idea of spending so much time, money and effort on a single piece of clothing.

The search for a dress felt very much like a chore (to be fair, this was probably amplified by my distaste for the excessive and unnecessary fluff related to a wedding). I tried on A line tiered dresses that make me look like a wedding cake, a mermaid bling dress that was made for such a petite bride I had to decide between standing straight or tearing the dress and sifting through mountains of tulle just made me exhausted.

On my mum’s insistence that I pick something better for a wedding dress, we decided to head down the customized dress route with Lacebridge. The first thing that struck me was the setup of its outlet – it was calming and spacious and there was a good selection of dresses without being overwhelming. I was given personalized attention without any hardsell or hoovering.

& I’m pleased to say that after three months of waiting, the first time I tried on my customized dress, it felt correct. I was not a crying bride on a pedestal but everything felt correct. Clean lines, understated yet intricate details and a wonderfully neat cut. & for a rare fleeting moment, I actually did wish I could keep this for myself.

(Picture credits go to Carolina Herrera’s gorgeous minimalist dress where I got some inspiration from)

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