Mustard Cream & Panko Salmon

  • Panko, Salt & Pepper

Toast the panko in a dry pan. You can add a touch of oil just to help brown the panko a bit more. Transfer to a bowl when it has turned light golden brown, add salt & pepper to taste and mix it up.

  • Salmon

Using the same pan, lay the salmon skin side down and let it pan fry.

  • Mustard Cream Sauce

While waiting for the salmon to cook, warm a small pot of milk/cream. When it’s warm, whisk/stir in some honey mustard (the type in a squeezy tube) and brown sugar to taste. Using milk will give a more watery sauce while cream will provide a thicker sauce.

p/s: When I’m lazy, I don’t even heat it up, I just stir in honey mustard + sugar into cream/milk depending on what I have available in my fridge.

pp/s: For more flavour depth, you could add herbs such as thyme, sautéed onions.

  • Assemble the salmon, panko crumbs and pour the mustard cream sauce over.

The panko crumbs will soak some of the sauce up and become a bit soggy so you could reverse the assembly and pour the sauce on first before sprinkling on the crumbs.

& Bon appetit!

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