No-Knead Bread

The first thing I did when my cast iron dutch oven arrived was to make bread. Four ingredients, overnight dough rest and a quick bake.


It came out beautifully – I was pretty impressed myself. The scent and taste of fresh bread is addictive. The crust was termed on the internet as ‘artisanal’, I guess that means hipster approved.

My dad liked it but was expecting a lighter, less dense bread. Lance adored it and wanted olive oil with it, I opted for a generous dullop of cold butter (it melts into the warmth of fresh bread gloriously.)It was so easy that it was almost not fair. It’s a perfect loaf to bring when invited for a dinner party or housewarming. I used it to top off my french onion soup. It could work as a sandwich too. I’m ranting now, let me stop here.



& here’s the recipe for this easy crusty cast iron bread

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