On Paintings & Walls

For my mum’s birthday, I took my parents to the National Gallery. It was their first time visiting since it opened last year. They loved how the old supreme court was transformed into the National Gallery, commented on the matte lovely wooden floors and rattan effect ceiling.

The contemporary art section was challenging for all of us but we enjoyed the Wu Guanzhong exhibition immensely. My parents were enthralled with his oil paintings, ink work and sketches. I tried to imagine how our current house would look like with one of his paintings on display.


Also, that got me thinking about what type of art I’d love to display in our apartment. I’m currently leaning towards getting one of our favourite landscape holiday photos printed on a large format a la Alice Gao’s apartment. (Her home is such a dream!)

I think I would get cold feet committing to expensive art piece and my practical inner self would rather go soak up some sun in Phuket (especially when my taste in art is still nascent and probably fickle…)

I love this tip that my uncle gave me – pick furniture first, paint the wall last. It feels like such an obvious tip but frankly, it a rush to get the contracted work done up, painting is often done concurrently with the furniture selection.

By the way, am I the only one who’s overwhlemed by the sheer number of shades of white there are? And are there large conference meetings where people talk about what to name the new shade of white? I’m pretty much mindblown at the nuances of the white shades so I should stop talking right here.


Photo of Wu Guanzhong painting from Sothebys, Alice Gao’s apartment by the amazing Alice Gao herself and the Abstract Sea Painting by KikArtPainting)

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