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  • Our First Home

    On 20 Jan 2017, we collected the keys to our very first place. It was a perfectly quiet affair – I had just landed the night before from a full week in Manila for work and Lance was also tied up in his lab work. We initially couldn’t get into the house because the biometric […]

  • Cooking
  • The Beautiful Fig Tart

    I find that cooking, more specifically baking, creates a sense of control and accomplishment. I find that rewarding probably because I like to be in control and I like completing things well (& one should also pick a recipe that has a high probability of success to ensure higher probability of that sense of satisfaction.) […]

  • Cooking
  • Roast Pork 燒肉

    During our trip to Hong Kong, we picked up a “meat tenderizer” which looked like an instrument of torture. In a twisted way, since I purchased this instrument, I’ve been dying to try to make roast pork 燒肉 at home – and the family christmas get-together was a perfect opportunity. My mum ordered a 1kg […]

  • Personal
  • Slow Travelling

    I’m a horribly slow traveller – there I said it. I find it ironic because I like to think of myself as a generally efficient person. But in travel, I’m slow and proud of it. I used to struggle between being efficient with my leave days and dollars spent travelling vs. recharging and exploring. Perhaps it’s […]

  • Cooking
  • Gâteau De Crêpes

    The Crepe cake has been quite fashionable so I thought of giving it a shot over the holidays. This took patience and a whole afternoon to prepare, it was repetitive but oddly satisfying. Ladle and swirl, wait and flip, remove and cool – on repeat. Time passes quickly when you’re concentrated on the task at […]

  • Design
  • RUG by GUR

    It’s a dreary afternoon at work on the Monday-recreated on a Thursday because of the public holiday. But seeing these rugs popup on my feed made me smile! How cute are they? I’ve already added two to my checkout – you know, just to see what shipping charges look like just in case I succumb. […]

  • Cooking
  • French Onion Soup

    I had a major craving for that rich soup (which partially made me checkout a cast iron dutch oven) I couldn’t have been happier for the weekend to come so I could work on this soup. The internet says by mixing red and yellow onions, we get a more complex taste – I wasn’t sure […]