White and Brown Egg-xperiment 

I’ve been quite intrigued with the white eggs my Dad recently bought. When Saturday morning rolled along, I decided to do a taste test with the white and the brown eggs in the fridge. 

I left them both for 5mins in boiling water to create the cooked whites/runny yolk texture that I love. 

In my attempt to control the cook time, the eggs were dunked into cold water to stop any further cook after they were taken out. As you can see the white egg (on the left) is larger and has a nicer shape compared to the brown egg.

Interestingly, it was much easier to peel the white egg. I could easily peel out a ribbon of egg shell without causing any dents on the egg. With the brown egg, I could only peel off the shells in pieces and some egg whites ended up stuck on the egg shells.  

Am I starting to be biased? The white eggs (left) look like it has a richer coloured yolk than the brown ones. The egg whites also appeared to have a more even texture throughout. The brown egg were more cooked probably because of the smaller size. 

& for the finale, the taste test. I personally felt the white eggs had a creamier yolk than the brown ones. My Sister felt the same too. But my parents felt both tasted the same.

At the end of the egg-xperiment, my Dad mentioned that the brown eggs were actually free-range eggs and were more expensive than both the white eggs and the usual eggs. 

It seems like the more expensive and free range eggs aren’t really better? I haven’t quite caught onto the food consciousness concept yet for simple daily items… egg ethics? But I suppose I’ll experiment again with regular brown eggs from caged up chickens one day. 

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