Slow Travelling

Slow Travelling

I’m a horribly slow traveller – there I said it. I find it ironic because I like to think of myself as a generally efficient person. But in travel, I’m slow and proud of it.

I used to struggle between being efficient with my leave days and dollars spent travelling vs. recharging and exploring. Perhaps it’s something that comes with age and I’ve pretty much come to terms that there will be more places that I’ll probably never visit in my lifetime. Perhaps with age, the naivety to conquer the world by plane and fear of missing out has faded. I used to want to work abroad, perhaps visit exotic places like Peru but these desires have faded and frankly, curling up at home is pretty perfect for me too.

Cairns Kuranda

My travel style has also morphed alongside my aging process, I love finding places that feel somewhat like a home away from home. Bangkok sits close to my heart and despite having gone there over 10 times the past 2 years, I still want to spend time there doing new things and revisiting my favourite spots. Phuket has become an annual destination to escape to and just laze around in. Melbourne feels so much like home.

I suppose the mere definition of ‘home’ would automatically disqualify doing touristy things which is perfect for the form of travel I truly enjoy most. Wandering, as pretentious as it sounds, has fast become one of my favourite things to do in a new place. The best places we’ve stumbled upon and fondest memories created are through our wandering – the black solitary coasts of Jeju island and our UFO cafe, the Peace Oriental teahouse in Bangkok, the hidden beaches in Phuket and the pine-scented trails in Melbourne.


Perhaps this has something to do with nesting instincts, who knows? But till then, I have no idea where I’m going to go for my honeymoon. Folks tell me that it should be somewhere special, that it should be a once in a lifetime trip. South Africa or Iceland they say. But my inner self is saying, how about going back to Melbourne for another road trip and to buy plates? Or perhaps Bali to shop for furniture and relax? Or to Bangkok for those silk cushion covers and a good firm massage?

Perhaps this is my a one-hour old (but very content) 28 year old speaking.

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