The Silver Marble scratch test

The Silver Marble scratch test

After we declared that the marble stain test was a success, we decided to do a scratch test. I had a screw driver with me after assembling some IKEA crates so I viciously dug into it.

To my dismay, the scratches were visible. At first glance, the slab looked fine but when tilted against the light, the scratches could be clearly seen.

Frankly, I think for marble, the scratches are a bigger deal than the staining despite the fact that most focus on the stains. I suppose that’s because typically a white marble countertop is under consideration.

While this doesn’t quite change our mind about the marble (nothing is perfect!), we’ll just have to be more careful. I suppose scratches are inevitable over time plus we always use chopping boards and cork bases so I think we’re generally well covered.

& since it’s Valentine’s Day, Lance has a sentimental quote to assure me: “Aged marble is the best canvas to tell our cooking stories.” No prizes for guessing who’s the romantic one in our relationship!

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