Logging on

Logging on

Decided to revive this domain that I’ve been hanging on to for a while – I initially thought I would be logging our home renovations here but as it turns out, life caught up and I got too lazy.

So here I am, restarting this (admist the COVID pandemic) to log the recipes I often refer to – simply because I’m paranoid that I’d misplace these online recipes and that one day, the youtube videos/blogs disappear. At least here, I have my own little online booklet of copied recipes within my control.

& as I’ve picked up reading (on a start-stop basis), a place to log my reading lists, quotes I like and things I’ve learnt before my memory gets the better of me.

In summary, a random mish-mash of logs with no particular audience in mind except myself. Wasn’t this what blogs were meant to do originally? Now what does the ‘b’ in blog stand for?

Because of the way the internet is, perhaps for the avoidance of doubt, I disclaim that none of the recipes are my own. They’ve all been copied/inspired by so many generous folks and I’ve tweaked them to my own tastes/abilities/ equipment availability. I’ve provided the links to the original recipes where available

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